About Us

Operational Performance Solutions, Inc. (OPS) was formed in late 2008 by the father/son team of John Beakes, Jr. and John Beakes III to reunite an exceptional team of Lean practitioners to provide services to our clients in a variety of industries and markets.

Our team has hundreds of years of cumulative experience helping clients achieve and sustain superior operational performance. Our team has extensive experience with many Fortune 100 organizations, including Ford, Chrysler, GM, and Exxon-Mobil, and small to medium-sized firms such as Plasan Carbon Composites. Most of our Lean practitioners were trained directly by Toyota or Toyota suppliers.

Operational Performance Solutions, Inc. specializes in Lean Process Improvement because experience has shown that this is far and away the best path to operational excellence. When people operate in a Lean environment that values their contribution and utilizes effective processes, they can drive strong and continuously improving performance.

This is achieved through three fundamental elements of a Lean transformation:

  • Leadership Development
  • Training
  • Implementation

These elements lead to operational excellence when they are implemented with the following principals:

  • Involving employees
  • Using practical, streamlined processes
  • Driving key operational measures
  • Continually striving to improve

OPS designs, develops, implements and sustains successful Lean transformations by:

  • Providing highly experienced and knowledgeable personnel
  • Involving and working shoulder-to-shoulder with client employees
  • Using proven, effective methodologies
  • Driving key operational measures
  • Instilling a spirit of continuous improvement

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